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UConn made waves in 2019 when it announced it would begin offering the nation’s first university class on the fundamentals of cannabis horticulture. Since its launch, over hundreds of students have taken “Horticulture of Cannabis: From Seed to Harvest,” which provides essential training and hands-on opportunities in the emerging industry. The course was developed in response to student demand, and has recently expanded to include both basic and advanced courses. Non-degree students are also eligible to enroll, allowing people from all over the world to learn about different grow systems from international experts in the field.

First in Nation

University Cannabis Horticulture Course

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Building a Budding Workforce

More states are legalizing recreational marijuana. That means growth, that means jobs.
Peter Apicella, graduate student

Internship Opportunities

A unique hallmark of cannabis scholarship at CAHNR is the connection between faculty, their students, and jobs in the cannabis industry. Thanks to the College's status as a national and regional leader in cannabis horticulture, we have developed a robust program of cannabis industry internships to help students break into this emerging field. In need of qualified employees with very specialized knowledge in cannabis production, processing, and testing, licensed cannabis companies seek out UConn students, who have consistently been offered high paying jobs upon graduation. To learn more about internship opportunities, contact Dr. Gerald Berkowitz.


Course Offerings

Online Horticulture of Cannabis Courses: Each summer, UConn offers two Horticulture of Cannabis courses (introductory and advanced) in convenient online formats. The two 3-credit courses can be completed 100% online from anywhere in the world and are designed to provide intensive overviews of the horticultural techniques used to grow and manage this medically important and high value crop.

Undergraduate Courses

SPSS 2130. Introduction to the Horticulture of Cannabis: Fundamentals of the production cycle of Cannabis including horticultural management, identification of crop issues, elite feminized seed production, seed propagation, vegetative propagation, pruning, training, optimization of cannabinoid content, and post-harvest handling. Overviews of Cannabis business operations world-wide and in Connecticut, exploring lab testing procedures, cannabidiol extraction technologies, the Connecticut medical marijuana program, and government regulation of the industry. Taught with SAPL 130.

SPSS 3995. Advanced Cannabis Horticulture: Production and Industry: Students will develop a full understanding of the production methods of cannabis in addition to postproduction methods. Aspects of the industry will also be included to provide information about extraction, end products, jobs and current research within the cannabis industry. The organization of this course allows students to be able to choose their own progression through the course to allow for individual paths that will provide advanced level details. 

Independent Study Opportunities: available upon request.

For more information about our academic offerings, contact psla@uconn.edu.


Accurate testing for licensed growers through UConn’s Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering (CESE).

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